The philosophy of our dental practice in Frankfurt Höchst is based on a treatment plan that includes the most up-to-date dental treatments and makes our patients the focus of our efforts.

The foundation and emphasis of our treatment is our certified specialization in the areas of oral surgery, implantology (implant dentistry), periodontology, aesthetic (cosmetic) dentistry, geriatric dentistry and phobic (anxious) patients. This allows for a therapy concept that uses the latest scientific knowledge and breakthroughs in dentistry.

The overall treatment of the entire masticatory organ, using innovative methods, is paramount to us. A diseased organ, or one whose function is significantly reduced, must be completely restored to health, and not just the individual part that is impaired. After complete rehabilitation and optimal condition of the teeth has been restored, then the health of your teeth can be maintained through prophylaxis, or preventive dentistry. This is, in the long-term, both healthier and less expensive for you.

We take all the time necessary to fully explain and, according to your wishes and needs, offer you first-class and high-quality care oriented toward medical and aesthetic considerations. This includes, before the start of treatment, a detailed treatment plan with a cost estimate.

Our top priority is to ensure a high-quality dental treatment, free from stress and fear. (see menu items entitled: Services/Master Laboratory/Quality Declaration and Phobic Patients.)

The legislation for German statutory health care patients provides for only an “adequate and economical” treatment. Please understand that any advanced treatments can only be done using your own funds. These costs depend directly on the difficulty and the corresponding time requirements of the treatment. Primarily, before each treatment, an explanation of the therapy is discussed and a detailed cost plan prepared, so that an absolute cost transparency is guaranteed  for our patients in advance and the amount of reimbursement by the insurance provider is clarified. These cost plans will not be exceeded in the case of the treatment being more complicated and time-consuming than originally presumed.