Subspecialty in implantology**:

After tooth loss, missing teeth can be replaced by implants (dental implant: a surgical component used to anchor a crown or bridge to the jaw, usually a titanium screw or cylinder that acts as a substitute dental root). Following the insertion of the implant screw, after a short healing period, a crown, for example, is provided. Through the use of implants the stability of the prosthesis is improved and the implant-prosthetic is considerably smaller, lighter and leaves the palate free, similar to the way a bridge works.

Theoretically, it is possible to replace each lost tooth with an implant. With small dental gaps, implantology is a proven concept, but with larger gaps replacing every missing tooth with an implant is not advisable.

According to the scientific gold standard, total tooth loss requires, as a rule, six implants in the upper jaw and four in the lower jaw for a high-quality, implant-supported dental reconstruction. No functional or aesthetic improvement is achieved with considerably more dental implants.

Dr. Leick is a specialist dentist in oral surgery and founder of Practice for Ambulant (Outpatient) Dental Operations in Frankfurt (abbreviation: PAZO Frankfurt). Since 2001 he has provided patients in the greater Frankfurt area and Main-Taunus-Kreis (MTK) with implants. His specialist dentist training in oral surgery and his scientific research was done in Frankfurt at the University Clinic under the directorship of Professor Nentwig and at Westmead Hospital, University of Sydney under the directorship of Professor Zoellner. In the University Clinic in Frankfurt he acquired a further specialization in the area of dental implantology. Because of this comprehensive surgical training and among others specialization in the area of implantology Dr. Leick is qualified to hold the title “subspecialty implantology”** by the Hessen Dental Association (Landeszahnärztekammer Hessen, LZKH). This title is only given to  proven implant specialists.

As an active member of leading implantological and oral and jaw surgery professional societies, Dr. Anand Gilbert Leick is scientifically associated with the German Society for Oral Implantology (Deutschen Gesellschaft für Orale Implantologie: DGOI), the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) and the Professional Association of German Oral Surgeons (Berufsverband Deutscher Oralchirurgen). Additionally, the  scientific publications and academic lectures in the areas of implantology, oral surgery and oral pathology of  Dr. Leick can be found in national and international professional journals and conferences. Here is a brief excerpt of scientific publications  in the area of dental implantology:

Leick A.G., Gulewicz N., Saplacan D.-I., Broseta M.L., Nentwig G.-H.: Einzeitiger Sinuslift mit Knochenersatzmaterial (ESKEM): klinische Evaluation und metaanalysierender Literaturvergleich

Leick, A. G.; Dahl, D. P.; Dressel, L. P.; Nentwig, G.-H.: Wer prägt die Einstellung zu dentalen Implantaten?

Leick, A. G.; Dahl, D. P.; Nentwig, G.-H.: Patienteneinstellung zu dentalen Implantaten – eine klinische evaluative Studie

As an oral surgeon and certified implantologist with a subspecialty in implantology** from the LZKH Dr. Leick is committed to providing only implants from the German, European and US market leaders. This is the only way to guarantee sustainability. Only these Top-10 implants, using exclusively pure titanium, guarantee the high manufacturing standards in accordance with the scientific gold standard. The implant is absolutely biocompatible and bonds securely with the bones. With these implants there is no rejection reaction from the body.

Dr. Leick will gladly advise you about the options of an individual implant procedure in our dental practice in Frankfurt Höchst. Please refer also to the menu point Specialties 50Plus.


**certified and awarded by the Hessen Dental Association (Landeszahnärztekammer Hessen) by qualification and verification of number of cases: implantology cases > 2500, implants per year > 200.