Prophylaxis, or teeth cleaning, is the main pillar in periodontal therapy and prevention of periodontitis (periodontosis, periodontal disease) and falls under the specialty of Dr. Nicole Leick, periodontologist. The most important goal in our dental practice is to do everything possible to enable the preservation of your own teeth. Professional teeth cleaning, also called professional tooth care (PTC), falls within the framework of prophylaxis (prevention) and is an absolutely essential part of our treatment concept. Rather than a restorative dental treatment, it is much better to prevent the disease from arising at all. Please refer also to the menu point Specialties/50Plus.

Prophylaxis encompasses much more than a careful cleaning of the teeth with subsequent polishing.


The Leick & Leick, Frankfurt Höchst prophylaxis concept encompasses, among other things:

  • Professional examination and informing the patient

  • Uncompromising oral rehabilitation

  • Professional teeth cleaning and polishing

  • Regular check-ups

With our specially-trained, skilled personnel, your teeth are thoroughly cleaned, including places that you cannot reach. This serves to prevent dental caries (cavities) and gum disease, and also is an ideal support for periodontal therapy. Persistent stains, due to nicotine, coffee, wine, etc, are removed using an airflow scaling device, after which your teeth are polished with a paste that inhibits the build-up of tartar and also offensive odors. Afterward, individual teeth are treated with fluorine coating to counteract a possible acid attack. In addition, you are advised on correct tooth brushing techniques and how to buy the ideal toothbrush. Then your teeth are once again naturally white and you are one step closer to preserving your teeth throughout your life.

We recommend a professional teeth cleaning combined with a regular check-up twice a year. We will gladly remind you of your next appointment in writing with our recall system and you need only handle the scheduling.